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Collectible Trucks

Symbols Of Our Times

Winross models are more than symbols of the past and present. As each fine quality collectible increases in value it becomes a treasure for the future. Visit any auction where Winross models are on the list and you'll find that these trucks are in great demand - frequently the value has increased many times over the original price. Whether collectors keep their models for months or decades, they discover an investment that truly gives them hours, months and years worth of pleasure.

Winross models actually trace the history and evolution of the past four decades of the fascinating trucking industry of America. Companies change logos, colors, names and affiliations. Many have merged; many have gone out of business. But the replicas Winross has made through the years are a perfect reflection of their times. What a thrill to locate some of the old 34-footers! No matter what you collect, the search is at the heart of every true collector.

Replicas From America's Highways

We still proudly produce all of our models in America. Our trucks have always replicated the familiar scene of our great American highways. Each is built in the 1/64 scale originated by Winross. And they are built just like the big rigs - from the ground up. They have the look, the sound and the feel of real trucks. Exact precision engineering and attention to detail, together with hand screen-printed graphics are the hallmarks of Winross models.

Details, Details, Details!

  • Precision engineered to exact 1/64 scale
  • Each model contains over 100 cast metal parts
  • Hand screen printed graphics
  • Realistic articulated axle movement
  • Operating trailer doors
  • Independently rotating wheels
  • Authentic corporate graphics
  • Detailed undercarriage for realism

In collectible truck models, it's the realism that counts!

  1. Aluminum stacks
  2. Detailed interior
  3. Pad printed cab graphics
  4. Chromed grille and bumper
  5. Real aluminum tanks
  6. Unique articulated suspension system
  7. Hand screen printed graphics
  8. Authentic truck replications
  9. Multiple printed surfaces
  10. Real rubber tires
  11. Detailed undercarriage

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